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Overseas Physical Therapy Career

Physical Therapist Jobs and
Career in Australia

If you have not been registered to practice in Australia, then, with few exceptions, you will be required to undertake the AECOP (Australian Examining Committee for Overseas Physiotherapists) examination process before being eligible to apply to register with one of the Australian State or Territory Physiotherapists Registration Boards. If you do not have at least one year’s experience in the practice of physiotherapy (after graduation), you may find that conditions on registration may apply in some Australian States/Territories.

The first step is to apply to AECOP for an assessment of your eligibility to undertake the AECOP examination process.

The AECOP Eligibility and Skills Assessment Form lists the documents you need to submit for such an initial assessment to be carried out. If deemed eligible to undertake the AECOP examinations, you would need to pass all exam components relevant to your case, as indicated in the AECOP Examinations Procedure.

On successful completion of the examinations process, you would receive confirmation of your eligibility to apply to register to practice as a physiotherapist in Australia, and – if applicable – be issued with a statement of suitability for migration purposes (under the General Skilled Migration Program, in the occupational category of Physiotherapist, ASCO code 2385-11).

To practise Physiotherapy in Australia, you must be registered with the local State or Territory physiotherapy registration authority. The unregistered practice of physiotherapy is illegal.

Through mutual recognition, registration in one State or Territory provides a basis to register in other States or Territories.

Registration requirements do differ for holders of Working Holiday Maker Visas. Working Holiday Maker Visa Holders may apply directly to the Physiotherapists Registration Boards for conditional/ provisional registration to practice as a physiotherapist for up to three months in any one position in that State. Not all States have this category of registration.

If you wish to migrate to Australia under the General Skilled Migration Program (in the occupational category, Physiotherapist, ASCO code 2385-11), you are required to have a skills assessment undertaken by AECOP (Australian Examining Committee for Overseas Physiotherapists) before applying to migrate.

You are required to obtain a skills assessment even if you have a qualification that is immediately acceptable to Australian State and Territory Physiotherapists Registration Boards, including a recognized Australian physiotherapy qualification.

In the following pages, you will find brief information useful to overseas physical therapists that want to work in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

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Information for overseas Physical Therapists:

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