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Overseas Physical Therapy Career

Physical Therapist Jobs and
Career in New Zealand
To practice as a physiotherapist in New Zealand, you are legally required to be registered by the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand.

Registration is a legal process and you must complete all the details required and provide the documents in the specified format before the Board can consider your application.

The registration process varies depending on where you were trained and where you are currently qualified to practise.

Before you can be registered you must: (1) Have successfully completed an approved course of study in physiotherapy in New Zealand (2) Establish that you are of good character and reputation (3) Provide all information and documents in the form specified by the Board (4) Pay the prescribed fees.

If you are registered to practice physiotherapy in a participating Australian jurisdiction (all states except Western Australia), you are entitled to seek registration in New Zealand. Trans-Tasman Mutual recognition provides an alternative avenue for obtaining registration in New Zealand. Applicants have the choice of applying for registration under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act 1997 or under the Physiotherapy Act 1949.

If you are qualified from a country other than Australia and New Zealand, please note that there is no accreditation of overseas courses. Each application is individually assessed.

Criteria For Full Registration
(1) The Board must deem your qualifications appropriate for practice in New Zealand.
(2) The Board requires that you demonstrate ALL competencies, to the level required for registration in New Zealand.
(3) The Board must consider your clinical experience sufficient by New Zealand standards.
(4) You must be competent in written and spoken English.
(5) You must be age 20 or older.
(6) You must demonstrate good character and reputation.

Application Process
The Applicant requests full application pack. The Board responds by sending full application pack. The Applicant fills out forms, assembles required documentation (either originals or certified copies) and sends documentation to Physiotherapy Board with application payment. The Board reviews documentation. If complete, documentation is sent to the assessors.

Assessment committee reviews the application and make one of three recommendations:
(1) Recommend registration granted
(2) Request more evidence of competence
(3) Recommend application declined.

The Applicant will be notified of Board's decision. If registration is granted, the applicant receives Annual Practising Certificate on payment of fees. Now the applicant is legally able to practice physiotherapy in New Zealand.

In the following pages, you will find brief information useful to overseas physical therapists that want to work in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

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Information for overseas Physical Therapists:

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