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Recruitment of physical therapists as item writers
FSBPT, the Federation of state boards of physical therapy, is recruiting Item Writers who can help develop the exam needed for today’s practicing physical therapists and physical therapist assistants.

If you are a practicing physical therapist or physical therapist assistant, you can become an item writer for the National Physical Therapy Examinations (NPTE).

As an item writer you will be  Working with your colleagues to create the NPTE, Sharing your knowledge of the profession, Gaining expertise in questions and construction, Participating in the process designed to assure that competent professionals are licensed, Learning from your colleagues and having fun in the process

Selection criteria of FSBPT

You do NOT need previous item writing experience. You must be licensed in good standing with your state board. Consideration is given to selecting item writers from diverse ethnic backgrounds, geographical locations, and practice

Training in item writing by FSBPT

All item writers participate in a three-day training session in Alexandria VA.

You will be trained in the art of item writing by experienced staff and colleagues. The training session prepares item writers to write high-quality, psychometrically sound items that are later reviewed by an independent panel
of content experts for possible inclusion in our examination test bank.

After the training program you will be assigned to an item writer coordinator who will become your coach. Item writer coordinators will assist you as you continue to produce items for the exam.

Term of appointment by FSBPT

Each item writer attends one three-day workshop per year and subsequently
serves a term of three months.


The FSBPT provides your airline ticket, hotel room and reimbursement for other travel expenses such as meals.

Expectations by FSBPT

Apart from active participation in the training workshop, an item writer is expected to:

  • Write 40 examination questions: Ten questions at the workshop, and 30
    more over the next three months.
  • Dedicate the time and effort necessary to produce high-quality, psychometrically sound items and to apply the concepts presented during the training session to the development of each item.
  • Have access to the appropriate reference materials needed to research, write, and document all questions written at home.
  • Sign and agree to all terms outlined in the Confidentiality Agreement and Conflict of Interest forms.
  • Have access to a computer and the internet.

Benefits to you

A $100 stipend is provided for every 20 items written and approved into the item bank. Item writers receive an all-expense-paid training workshop which covers item-writing theory, the development of items that test higher-order thinking skills, and specific item-writing techniques.

During the training session, item writers interact with colleagues from diverse geographic locations and practice settings.

Item writers support their profession by helping to ensure that candidates taking NPTE examinations receive sound, high-quality questions that reflect a
broad range of practice.

How to apply

Go to the FSBPT website at under “Featured Downloads” to begin the application process. A copy of your vitae or resume must be submitted with your application.


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Information for overseas Physical Therapists


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